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TLI believes in endless possibilities. We can be your bridge to achieving your academic goals. With us, you have the option to follow our Academic Enrichment programs or receive dedicated help with your schoolwork. 


With our seasoned teachers hailing from various schools, you will receive the best guidance to achieve excellent marks in school. Getting schoolwork help from us assures you of understanding your lessons and developing study skills that will benefit you in the classroom.

Academic Tutoring

Image by Artturi Jalli


TLI Mathematics simplifies all the topics and concepts that the students need. We provide a unique learning strategy that leads to mastery, critical thinking, and deeper learning. Our experts in mathematics will provide activities and practice worksheets for the students. The instructions will be modified for each level and each topic so that the students can master Mathematics.



We develop a complex picture of student learning in TLI Science. It shows that children come to school with powerful and sophisticated ways of reasoning about the material world that enable them to function effectively in many areas. It also shows that their reasoning is limited in important ways, it is based on a limited range of experience and it lacks the predictive and explanatory power of scientific reasoning. Through TLI, we can improve the critical thinking of the students. We will awaken their curiosity to open their doors to discover the way to mastery of science at all levels.


TLI provides an in-depth learning of the English language. Our  English programs include beginning reading for the foundation years, and spelling, punctation and grammar for primary up to higher secondary levels. Reading and writing skills will be enriched through our intensive coaching and guided practice for students.

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