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At Topline Learning International, our English teachers are experts who have experience in American, British, and Philippine curricula.

Based on your diagnostics assessment results, you will be advised by our counselor regarding which program is the best package to address your needs.

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Reading is an important part of a child's foundation in learning. We creatively provide techniques that are essential in learning how to read.

TLI’s Beginner Reading program focuses on phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Our students will learn the English alphabet and the sounds associated with each letter. Eventually, they will be able to form words, read sentences and understand contexts.


At TLI, we give importance to the foundation of a child's learning, which comes from individual subjects.


You will get exceptional tutoring from our teachers with deep knowledge and expertise in the English subject. They are very accommodating so you will have their attention at all times.  

TLI English program

TLI's English Enrichment program is divided into 4 levels –

Stage 1: 6 – 7 years old,

Stage 2: 8 – 9 years old,

Stage 3: 10 – 11 years old,

and Stage 4: 12 – 14 years old.


Stage 1 to Stage 3 focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar, writing, and reading comprehension.


Stage 4, which is designed for lower secondary students, focuses on intensive writing and reading. Students will develop reading skills and learn strategies for different types of written texts. They will have intensive practice in narrative, descriptive, persuasive, creative, expository, and other writing styles.

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