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Playing Piano

Music feeds the heart and soul. We aim for our students to develop balance in their lives and to have music as an outlet for their emotion, creativity, and self-expression.


TLI offers lessons in piano, violin, drums, guitar, ukulele, vocals, flute, clarinet, and saxophone.

Music           Lessons

Piano Keyboard


Piano lessons for beginners focus on piano basics; learning to read notes, read rhythms, play scales, play basic chords and other tools essential to play any style of music.

TLI will teach you how to play violin from the basics. Suitable for beginners, you will be given the musical knowledge, correct violin techniques and foundational skills to be able to pursue learning the instrument.



Our drum lessons give students the opportunity to apply their rhythmic knowledge to the entire drum set. The students will focus on coordination techniques as well as drum rudiments in order to build the confidence to play different styles of music.


Guitar lessons for beginners focus on finger placement, strumming, sight-reading, understanding groove and chord placement. Students will learn to care for their instrument as well as tuning the guitar.


Our singing lessons will introduce the student to general musical concepts and should include music theory in order to build a solid musical foundation and introduce the skills necessary for learning any instrument



Our ukulele students can expect to work on chords, simple songs, melodies, sight reading and theory. We balance music and fun by having each lesson start with a new technical challenge and end with your favorite riff or song.


Music Class

Our flute lessons are designed to improve the basic fundamentals of flute playing and to show all extremes of musicianship. Students can learn to master tone, technical & rhythmical accuracy, scales, etudes, solo repertoire, orchestral excerpts, mind and body awareness (physical and mental), and performance skills.


Topline's Clarinet lessons will teach you basic skills, such as scales and arpeggios, as well as develop your proficiency with reeds. In addition, we will also ensure that your posture and hold with your clarinet are top-tier. Through the step-by-step process, our clarinet lessons will ensure that you are an orchestra-level professional.



We provide saxophone lessons for everyone- from beginners to advanced students. Our course can introduce you to the basic exercises and develop your rhythmic pronunciation, as well as help you become a master of triads, theories, and transcribing.


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