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We personalize a unique curriculum that will match your learning habits and help you reach your academic goals. We cover Mathematics, English, Science, IELTS and music.

Our Cause

To promote, support and sustain education for all. We aim to provide learning opportunities to the less fortunate through our free offerings and charitable activities.

Our Place

We at TLI believe that the environment impacts learning. Our learning cabins are designed to be conducive to education. Relaxing as a home yet stimulating as a classroom.

Our Team

TLI was born from the heart of educators and loving mothers. The company is a network of professionals from different fields willingly pouring in their expertise in support to our humble cause.

The Tutoring Advantage

In our academic tutoring, we intend to limit the ratio of 1 teacher to only 2 students. We can modify up to maximum of 3 students to 1 teacher to accommodate schedule request. The teacher will be able to manage the learning well and give full attention to both students.

Exceptional Care

As what we Filipinos are known for, we provide exceptional care to everyone. TLI as the first Filipino tutoring center in the UAE lives to the value of hospitality, respect and excellence.

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